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2019 domestic food packaging awards have more stories than appearance level

From:Honge Package Co.,Limited     Release time:2019-07-05

Overview:Clothes make the man, and packing the food.We often say eye-catching, in this era of face, food packaging design creativity and innovation has become the first condition to catch the eye of consumers.Consumers' preconceived habits of product vision (the first vision perception of products from the packaging is likely to become consumers' first impression of enterprise brands), which makes the food packaging industry develop rapidly.In this, a lot of excellent food packaging works, not only appearance level online, but also know how to reflect the brand story in details.The following is sorted out by the author for you,2019 domestic food packaging award, the following rankings are in no particular order.   

Pavomea Chickpea Crisp


Follow and Qiao




Mini sticky rice with sesame flowers


Any trend changes, good packaging not only need to have a sense of The Times design, more or need to be loyal to the brand.And grasp the development trend, not only for us to provide different means of expression, to ensure that the brand and the era of interconnection, interconnection with consumers, from the shelf to catch the heart of consumers.

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